Tuesday, June 3, 2014

AMD Still 227.3 Rupiah Billion Loss

Processor manufacturer Advanced Micro Devices ( AMD ) is still a pretty hefty losses during the first quarter of 2014 at a rate of USD 20 million or Rp 227.3 billion sektiar .

Indeed , the loss rate has decreased compared to the same period last year in which the chip maker Intel 's competitors semikondukor suffered a loss of USD 146 million .

Revenue from AMD during the period ending March 2014 was at USD 1.4 billion . Targeting companies in the second quarter revenues of USD 1.442 billion .

AMD managed to improve its financial condition due to the expansion of gaming consoles processors as PC sales continue to decline . The new business is expected to contribute substantially in the coming years through the supply end processor for Microsoft and Sony .

As quoted by Reuters on Saturday ( 19/04/2014 ) , this year AMD also plans to release a chip that requires low power to the server in order to challenge the high-end processor Intel Xeon .

" The road is still long for AMD could be turned to its former glory , but the whole process leading up to it , we see no positive signal is good enough , " the analysis of Ascendiant Capital Cody Acree .

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

AMD Delivers OpenGL Performance Increase for Linux Professional Graphics Customers

Sunnyvale, Calif. — June 26, 2008 —AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced new ATI Catalyst™ drivers with major performance enhancements to ATI FireGL™ professional graphics cards. Availability of this enhanced 8.49.7 Linux driver represents a significant leap for Linux customers seeking improved performance of CAD and digital content creation applications that can offer up to approximately 33 percent faster OpenGL performance than the previous driver.1

“ATI FireGL graphics accelerators beat the competition in application performance at every price point.”2 said Janet Matsuda, senior director, Professional Graphics at AMD. “In the past we limited this statement to Microsoft® Windows® XP and Windows Vista® environments. Now, ATI FireGL graphics outperform the competition across the board from Linux to Windows XP and Windows Vista.”3

ATI FireGL graphics customers using Linux can take advantage of performance enhancements whether using the value ATI FireGL V3600 or the ultra high-end ATI FireGL V8650, which comes with the industry’s largest, 2 GB frame-buffer memory configuration. Additionally, the updated driver is compatible with ATI Radeon™ graphics. Version 8.49.7 of the ATI Catalyst Driver is now available for download via the ATI Catalyst Linux software suite at http://ati.amd.com/support/driver.html.

The latest family of ATI FireGL products, introduced last year, continues to win praise across the globe after capturing Tom’s Hardware Guide’s prestigious “Editor’s Choice” award in addition to similar praise and awards from 3dprofessor.org, HotHardware.com, 3D Pro and Digital Arts magazine. In March 2008, AMD extended the product family with the launch of FireGL V7700, the first commercially available 3D workstation graphics card with DisplayPort support.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

AMD opteron Barcelona upgrade tutorial

AMD opteron has develop from early, AMD Opteron™ Processor Model 280, AMD Opteron™ Processor Model 275 AMD Opteron™, Processor Model 270 AMD Opteron™, Processor Model 265 AMD Opteron™, Processor Model 254 AMD Opteron™, Processor Model 252 AMD Opteron™, Processor Model 250 AMD Opteron™, Processor Model 248 AMD Opteron™, Processor Model 246 AMD Opteron™, Processor Model 244 AMD Opteron™, Processor Model 242.
And now it came to the AMD opteron Barcelona platform, and still with a user friendly technology see how easy upgrading from dual core to quad core platform

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

AMD Quad core VS Intel Core 2 duo Architecture

Watch how great architecture that AMD has,

AMD Takes Home Two Honors in 2007 HPCwire Readers' and Editors' Choice Awards

HPCwire, a leading source for global news and information covering high performance computing (HPC), bestowed two awards on AMD in this year’s Readers' and Editors' Choice Awards.
AMD took home the Readers’ Choice Award for Best HPC Collaboration Between Government and Industry for its work with IBM and Los Alamos National Laboratory on a hybrid supercomputer based on both IBM/Sony/Toshiba-designed Cell chips and AMD Opteron™ processors. HPCwire gave AMD its Editors’ Choice Award for Best Price/Performance HPC Hardware Solution for the AMD Quad Core Opteron processor.
The awards were announced at the Supercomputing 2007 International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis in Reno, Nev. The HPCwire Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards, a permanent annual feature of the publication, represent an objective snapshot of the entire HPC ecosystem. For the Readers' Choice category, winners are determined by hundreds of readers who responded to an online poll. The Editors' Choice awards are chosen by votes of an advisory group of recognized luminaries, contributors and editors in high performance computing.
Over the last several years, AMD has been a consistent presence on the awards list, most recently winning a spot on the "Top 5 Companies to Watch in 2007." In addition, on the most recent TOP500.org list of the world’s highest performing supercomputers, dual-core AMD Opteron processors powered three of the Top 10 clusters - all systems from HPC powerhouse and long-time AMD technology partner, Cray.